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Sometimes learning to trust my intuition stinks.  As a new mom I mean this literally.  I’ve now gotten two lessons from poop in one week.  Yes, poop.

Lesson #1 Always trust your instincts.

I was in an infant massage class last week and I saw the instructor’s baby poop on her.  She had said she knew the baby was going to poop when she let out a toot and asked herself why she didn’t listen to that and put her diaper on.  I got to witness the mother’s knowing and what happens when we don’t listen.  Here was the universe letting me learn from another, so I didn’t have to get covered in poop to learn my lessons.  Thanks universe.  You’re awesome.

baby-boy-lying-clip-art But of course I didn’t learn my lesson.  Five hours later I’m at home and little one is pooping.  I take him upstairs to change him and just as I take his onesie and diaper off I hear a big toot.  I get the intuitive message that I should leave his diaper on, but then my brain fights back.  It says, “He pooped almost 10 minutes ago.  That is silly.  Of course he’s done.  We have things to do.  Just change the diaper and be done with it.”  So I listen to the bully, my brain.  I take his diaper off and as I’m reaching for a new diaper I hear it… the baby poop squirt.  Did you know that breast milk poop actually sprays quite far?   Yep, it sprays just like pee.

Ok lesson learned.  Listen to intuition, not brain in poopy matters. Message received.

So now I’m ready for the advanced course in poop intuition.  A few days later my son is waking up in our bed and looking adorable.  He’s smiley and making great eye contact and I’m thinking this is great! Then he starts working on a poop.  I thought to myself, “Wow, this is a big one.  I have a feeling it’s going to be messy and I should probably move him.”  Once again Mr. brain bully comes in and says, “He never poops this early.  It’s probably just mostly gas.  His diaper is on tight.  No need to worry.”  Well now I’m batting 0 because again I listen to the brain bully.  Massive poop explosion. Out the diaper, up the back, onto his baby blanket, through it onto the california king sheets, through the sheets onto the mattress pad.  Intuition ignored.  Two more loads of laundry and an extra baby bath: check!  Boy am I glad I listened to that intuitive message to get the waterproof mattress pad!

Then I ask that annoying question I seem to have been asking forever… when will I finally trust my intuition?  I wonder what it will take.

I am left wondering, am I the only one who hears her intuition and doesn’t listen?